How To Pick Up Leaves Fast

How To Pick Up Leaves Fast

Picking up fallen leaves can be tiring work. Until you’ve spent hours gathering them into bags, you may not have realized just how many fall each year! It’s a hard task, but if you leave them, you can cause damage to your garden. Thankfully though, there is a much quicker way than simply raking and gathering. All you need is a tarp, a leaf blower and a bit of elbow grease and you’ll have a clear garden in no time! What’s more – it won’t cost you a fortune!

Clearing Your Garden Quickly

Rather than considering your garden as a whole, break it down in your mind into manageable sections. If you’re anything like us, you’ll get a little kick as you can mentally tick off those sections, giving you a spring in your step as you blast your way around your yard! Take note of the wind direction and then lay a tarp out on your lawn, downwind of your starting point. Most tarps will have eyelets in the corners, so you can pin it to the ground if you need to keep it secure.

In your first section, turn on your leaf blower and then begin working towards the tarp, directing the leaf blower at an angle, just above and in front of your feet. As you walk forwards, move the leaf blower side to side, so you cover a wider area. Work towards the tarp and blow the leaves into small piles on the tarp. When you have cleared the section, you can shake the tarp so that the leaves fall to the center and then shift the tarp along to work on the next section.

Keep working using this method until you have cleared the lawn space. Next, move onto patios and along flower beds and rockeries. Your leaf blower will get leaves out of all the areas which are difficult to reach such as between rocks.

You will probably find that there are a few leaves left behind. You may be able to pick up these few with your hands, or you can use a rake. It is a good idea to wear a pair of durable gloves and keep a rake to hand for this reason, but you will be able to do almost all the work with your leaf blower.

Once you have gathered the leaves onto the tarp, you can finish up by dragging it over and emptying the leaves onto a compost heap. Leaves are full of carbon, so in a few months’ time, you will have some great fertilizer for your flower beds! If you don’t have a compost heap, you can easily tie up the tarp and transport it cleanly to a waste disposal facility.

Alternative Methods

The cheapest way to clear your lawn is to invest in a leaf rake, but while they are effective, it is hard work using a leaf rake, and it takes far longer. Plus, it will not help you with the harder-to-reach areas such as between shrubs or rocks.

If you don’t have a leaf blower, another alternative is setting your lawn mower on low and using it to suck the leaves up, rather than blowing them onto a tarp. This method is less suitable for soft ground though as you risk damaging your grass with the wheels and blades.


Leaf blowers are great tools to have at your fingertips and have many uses year-round, not just in fall when you are battling leaves. You can also use them to dry your car, clear out your gutter and clean other garden equipment!

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